Venue: J L N Stadium, New Delhi

(Race starts from Gate No -1 | Participants entry from Gate No -2)

Route map for Half Marathon

Route map for Run for Fun

The Race Day is 22nd of Oct, 2017 from 0530 Hrs. (Assembly Time)
Start Point: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi.
Route map and description as follows:-
Start from Jawaharlal Nehru stadium – turn right (T/R) Bhishma Pitamah Marg – T/R Lodhi Road – turn left (T/L) Dr. Jakir Hussain Marg – India Gate (inner circle) – T/L Rajpath – T/R towards raisina road T/R Raisina Road – T/L Rafi Marg – T/R Sansad Marg – T/L Connaught Circus (outer) - T/R Radial RD No 2 – T/L Connaught circus (inner) – T/L Way to Palika Car Parking – Sansad Marg – T/L Rafi Marg – T/R Rafi Marg – T/L Raisina Road – T/L towards Rajpath – T/L Rajpath to India Gate (inner circle) – T/R Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg – T/R Lodhi Road – T/L CGO Complex road T/L JLN Stadium (route map attached).
The Race Day is 22nd of Oct, 2017 from 0630 Hrs. (Assembly Time)
Start Point: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi.
Route map and description as follows:-
Start from Jawaharlal Nehru stadium – turn right (T/R) Bhishma Pitamah Marg – T/R Lodhi Road – Sabz Burj Circle –U turn Lodhi Road - turn left (T/L) CGO Complex road T/L JLN Stadium (route map attached).
Participants registering online will be allotted a unique ticket number and the same will be confirmed to participant through email and a SMS.
Bib with timing chip will be distributed at following locations on 16th, 17th & 18th October 2017 from 10 AM to 6 pm at BSF HQRs, and from 10 AM to 9 PM at Decathlon Stores:
  • BSF HQ CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.
  • DIG (HQ), R K Puram, New Delhi.
  • Decathlon Stores Distribution Points :-
  • Decathlon Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Decathlon Sohna Road, Gurugram
  • Decathlon Huda City Centre, Gurugram
  • Decathlon Rohini, New Delhi
  • Decathlon Tagore Garden, New Delhi
  • Decathlon Indirapuram, New Delhi
  • Decathlon Khelgaon, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi
Participants registered after 10th Oct will get their BIBs fromJLN Stadium, Pragati Bihar, New Delhi on 21st Oct 2017(Sunday) from 10 am to 6 pm.
Please Note:- There will be no exchange/delivery of bib numbers on Race Day i.e. 22nd of October, 2017.
List of Trophies & Cash prizes at BSF Half Marathon 2017
Position National International Remarks
1stAsst Comdt. R K Wadhwa (MAHAVIR CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 2,00,000/-Dy Comdt Joginder Singh (VIR CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 2,00,000/-Head Const Mohinder Singh (VIR CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 2,00,000/-Naik Umed Singh (VIR CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 2,00,000/-
2ndLance Naik Mohini Ranjan Chakraborty (VIR CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 1,50,000/-Asst Comdt Nafe Singh Dalal (VIR CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 1,50,000/-Dy Comdt Inderjit Singh Uppal (VIR CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 1,50,000/-Naik Amal Kumar Mondal (VIR CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 1,50,000/-
3rdComdt V P Purohit (KIRTI CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR. 1,00,000/-Head Const Khuniho Sema (SHAURYA CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 1,00,000/-Const C Stanly (KIRTI CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 1,00,000/-Asst Comdt Vivek Saxena (SHAURYA CHAKRA) Trophy plus INR 1,00,000/-
4thINR 90,000INR 90,000INR 45,000INR 45,000
5thINR 80,000INR 80,000INR 35,000INR 35,000
6thINR 70,000INR 70,000INR 30,000INR 30,000
7thINR 60,000INR 60,000INR 25,000INR 25,000
8thINR 50,000INR 50,000INR 20,000INR 20,000
9thINR 40,000INR 40,000INR 15,000INR 15,000
10thINR 30,000INR 30,000INR 10,000INR 10,000
11thINR 25,000INR 25,000
12thINR 20,000INR 20,000
13thINR 15,000INR 15,000
14thINR 10,000INR 10,000
15thINR 5,000INR 5,000
Note:- Certificates & Finisher Medals will be issued to all finishers of Half Marathon. Prize money will be paid by a banker's cheque only, subject to TDS deduction as applicable. This will be paid out within 15 days of the event, i.e. by 06th of November 2017.
The online registration is protected using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. All information supplied will be transmitted via SSL which encrypts and protects your personal information over the internet.
Registration charges will include the ticket price + processing charges (payment portal charges) and GST.
The merchant name that will appear on your bank statement as “Global Insights Consulting Solutions".
LIMITED SLOTS FOR REGISTRATIONS LEFT - Registrations close once slots are filled.
Bibs & timing chips will be distributed at the selected places shown on website on 16th, 17th & 18th October 2017 from 10 AM to 6 pm at BSF HQRs, and from 10 AM to 9 PM at Decathlon Stores as also mentioned above.
Each participant registering for the event can select the Bib collection point at the time of registration. No request will be entertained to change the Bib Collection point selected.
We strongly suggest you pick up your chest number yourself. However someone can pick up the chest number on your behalf if they carry the counterfoil/ ticket issued by Ticket Counter/ email confirmation of ticket along with an authorization from your side and an original photo ID card of yours.
Location for reporting is J L N Stadium, Gate No.-2, near CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, N/Delhi. You are required to report 60 minutes prior to start of the race.
  • Half Marathon : 21 KM
  • Run for Fun : 5 KM
No extra amount is required to be paid for timing chip. The amount for timing chip is included in registration fee for 21 K Half Marathon.
Race results will be available on the website and will also be sent by SMS to you. Please provide accurate mobile number in the form. You can download your certificate from the website directly.
Yes, all participants who register for 21 K Half Marathon will be able to download the timing certificate from the website after timing results are published.
05 K Run for Fun participants will get their certificates along with their finisher medal at respective counters on the race day.
Half Marathon : At least 18 years as on Oct 21, 2017.
5K Run for Fun : No age limit.
Half Marathon : Admission fee of INR 500 including timing chip
(no separate option of registration without timing chip)
Run for Fun : Admission fee of INR 350 without timing chip.
Note : If you have any problem for registration, contact Just Play Sportz on 011-47048168 Mob: 9711008215 & Mob: 9711002168 for registration.
Parking space is available in demarcated areas at the following locations :-
  • Dayal Singh College.
  • IHC (India Habitat Centre).
  • CGO Complex.
Separate running lane will be marked on the race route and will be used only for athletes/runners. No vehicles will be allowed inside the race lane.
Yes, medical facilities will be available at the venue and along the race route. There will be ambulances alongwith doctors / paramedics at the venue and race route to handle medical emergencies.
Yes. All locations across the course will be manned by Border Security Force & Delhi Police personnel assisted by volunteers.
Pets will not be allowed during the events.
The route will be available for runners from 06:30 am to 10:00 am on 22nd of October, 2017, which will give Half Marathon participants enough time to complete.
Restrooms will be available at the venue. However, portable toilets will be located at the staging area and along the course as well.
Water will be provided free of cost to all runners of BSF Half Marathon and Run for Fun. Food and refreshments can be purchased from the food stalls that will be setup at the venue.
There is no specific requirement as such. We suggest Running Kit, track pants/shorts and a T-shirt as they are more comfortable for running.
Standing BSF Band performances will have live performance to entertain the participants.
The timing of 21km is required for the placement of runners on the race day. All major marathons have slots for runners according to their speed. This is done with the purpose so that slow runners should not block or come in the way of fast runners.
The required certificate is not compulsory. If a runner will provide the timing certificate, he or she will be put in the slot as per his/her timing. In absence of any certificate, the runner will be placed in the last slot.
The official timing partner for BSF Half Marathon is Timing Technologies who will be using sports RFID Chip to track, time runners and provide the results. The technology is used in most Premium races in the world. The timing is accurate till the millisecond.
As per the protocol, in BSF Half Marathon participants who are 18 years and above can only participate in 21km Race category. No past experience will be considered for participants less than 18 years.

Distribution Points For the Participants who registered on or before 10th Oct

Date: 16th Oct to 18th Oct 2017

Time: 10 AM to 9 PM


Directorate General
Border Security Force
Block No.-10, CGO Complex
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003


East Block-09
Level-04, Sector-01
R. K. Puram, New Delhi-110066

Distribution Point For the Participants who registered after 10th Oct

Date: 21st Oct 2017
Time: 10 AM - 6 PM